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Hi! I'm Life Coach Tandy. My approach to the level-up is unique, effective, and simple. Instead of focusing on one specific area in life that you want to level-up in, (i.e. new job, losing weight, new relationships) I stick to the fundamentals of change with a process that will allow you to transform any area of your life using the same principles. What makes my programs unique are my cognitive-behavioral approach and my spiritual intuitiveness. I get to the bottom of what's blocking you and give you the tools to fix the problem all while remaining real and relateable. That's why I'm your favorite level-up coach!

Meet The Coach


I am a certified Life Coach and Certified Emotion Code and Body Code, Practitioner. Emotion Code and Body Code is an energy healing method used to release trapped negative energies that are inflicted by negative emotions that could possibly be causing physical and emotional discomfort in the body. 

Signature Programs 

Redesign Your Life

Energy Healing 

Date Thyself

Relate & Restore

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Why I Started Coaching...

​While working in the mental health field as a child mobile therapist I found myself also working with mothers to make the necessary changes to improve not only their households but personal lives as well. I realized that there was a real need in supporting and empowering women.

I started Life Coach Tandy, LLC because I am passionate about empowering women to find their purpose and transform their bodies and lives above and beyond their imagination. I was married, divorced, overweight and a single mother at a young age. This left me feeling broken, insecure, and like a failure. Which lead me down a path to more bad choices. I knew that I deserved a better life so I took those life lessons and developed them into tools that would help me change my life and become the woman I was meant to be, living a purposeful and fulfilled life. I am a real woman that overcame real struggles and I want to help others do the same.

Client  Love

" I was absolute blown away with how powerful and intuitive Life Coach Tandy is."

Jennifer F. 

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