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Date Thyself 

Let's Face It...

Dating in this internet & social media age is a challenge in and of itself. With all the pressure to become #relationshipgoals and to find the perfect person who fits the narrative of a "good" man or woman that the media tries to push, it can be hard to see past the noise and get down to what YOU really need in a significant other. You may be a person who is looking to get yourself back out into the dating scene or someone who's been on countless dates but you...

You just can't connect with anyone on a romanticly 

Negative experiences from past relationships is holding you back

It just seems like no one is worthy of your time and energy

We've All  Been There...

As a woman who has been married twice, had countless "situationships", and now newly engaged I can honestly say I've been on every side of the dating equation. I went from being married and divorced at a young age where I didn't even know who I was, to remarrying and staying in an extremely toxic and abusive relationship with someone who didn't value who I was, to selectively dating guys because I started valuing who I was.  The common denominator in all my experiences was MYSELF.  When I wasn't valuing myself and holding myself with the highest regard, not only did I attract guys who didn't value themselves either, but definitely weren't capable of valuing me. Once I did the work of learning to love and value ME, I had to release my exes from how they treated me so that I wouldn't bring that toxic energy into my new relationships. I also had to release heart walls so that I could authentically  love again. I am now newly engaged to the love of my life and a true testimony that its never to late to find love!

Date Thyself 

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Date Thyself is an 9-week energy healing program designed to help you release heart walls and manifest healthy relationships. It focuses on the fundamentals of change and when combined with the removal of inner blockage through energy healing leads to a breakthrough in what's been affecting your ability to nurture relationships properly. This program is all about YOU, and for 9-weeks we will dig deep to get you more in tune with what you need in your relationships.  I will also give you actual tools to see real-life results, even if you've tried the whole dating thing but were never able to have any luck.

The Proccess 

Weeks 1-2: 


We will establish your goals and get right into removing heart walls that prevent you from receiving happiness or giving love.

Weeks 3-4: 


We will remove blockage stopping you from forming healthy relationships and deal with any stress/anxiety related to that blockage.

Weeks 5-6: 


 We will work on removing blockage that prevents positive vibrations and the achievement of the ideal relationship for you.

Weeks 7-8: 


 We will work on blocking negative vibrations that are preventing proper connection with your ideal mate.

 In Week 9 we will removing blocks preventing relationship goal alignment and removing cords and vows.

**BONUS COACHING SESSION** In week 10 we will review the results and I will give you tools to move forward in your journey to finding love.

What's Included

9 One-Hour Energy Healing Sessions **$1900 value** 

Lifetime Access to Live Weekly Group Calls **$500 value**

Access to my Exclusive Accountability Community

Bonus Level-Up E-guide (instant digital download)



New Love Is Waiting On You! Are You Ready To Fall In Love With You First? 

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Cheers to your new love! Everything you need to find love and maintain a healthy love life is already within you. Are you ready to work on yourself so you can claim it? Everything happens for a reason, and you making it to this page is the universe’s way of letting you know that it’s time to finally start dealing with whatever has been holding you back. In fact, I am proud of you for even making it to this page because you’ve already done the hardest part which is admitting that you need to make some changes. It shows that you are finally ready to:

Get in touch with what YOU really need in a significant other

Attract people who will value and treat you the way you deserve

Find your soulmate

and ready to stop:

Letting bad experiences from your exes hold you back

Wasting time with random people you know you have no future with

Letting your toxic traits keep you from experiencing the love you deserve

Don't Take My Word For It

This program changed my love life! Before Date Thyself I thought there was just no one out there for me. It seemed like I kept dating different versions of the same toxic person. Now that my heart walls are removed, and all that blockage is gone, I am able to really take ownership of my own toxic traits. Since I've made those changes I am actively dating! 

Cherie, Harlin

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This Program Is For You If...

You are single and feel like you are ready to start dating.

You want to be healed and whole before you enter your next relationship.

You are tired of attracting the same kind of people that just aren't good for you.

You are ready to confront yourself in a way that you've never done before.

This Program Is Not For You If...

You are not prepared to do the work. This only works if YOU are open and ready to work with me.

You are currently married or in a committed relationship. See my program Relate & Restore for help with existing relationships.

You are not open to energy healing. This program heavily utilizes energy healing to help you achieve real results. 

Limited  Time Offer!

Act Now And Receive $147off your enrollment.  $1447 $1300**use code LOVETHYSLF**

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How do I enroll?

After you fill out your enrollment application, I will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule our pre-enrollment call to see if we are a good fit.


How will we meet for our sessions?

All of our sessions will be held virtually via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime.


What is energy healing?

Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.


Do you offer payment arrangements? 

Yes, I do offer payment arrangments for this program.


Is life coaching included in this program?

This program mainly utilizes energy healing and does not include life coaching sessions. However, there will be light coaching if /when necessary, and clients are always welcome to book life coaching sessions separately.

Not Ready To Commit  Just Yet? 

Schedule a FREE 15-min Energy Healing Discover call. Let's Talk!

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