We cannot become what 

We Want 

by remaining what

We Are

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Signature Workshops

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What To Expect 

My online workshops take place with an intimate group of ten participants so that I am able to really reach everyone and help you get the most out of the work that we do. I provide a safe, nonjudgemental space with positive energy that promotes healing and growth while giving practical tools that you can start using immediately to see results. Come prepared with an open mind, a quiet spot free of distractions, and the expectation of getting the best out of this 45-minute commitment to yourself. 

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 I am passionate about helping people achieve growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As a believer that we all have the power to change whatever aspect of our lives that no longer serves us; I've built each of my workshops in a way that allows you to do the work while I guide, coach, and support. I hope you join me in this exploration of what it means to take control of your growth.

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No upcoming events at the moment

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