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Transformation Is on The Other Side of Consistency.

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New To Coaching?

Hey newbie! I'm glad you came to this site. Now you can stop trying to figure it all out on your own when it comes to making major life changes. Not sure how this whole coaching thing works? No worries, Book a complimentary session to discuss the coaching process, fees, and how I may be able to support you as your Coach.

 Signature Coaching Programs

My Signature Service

Emotion & Body Code, also known as "Energy Healing" is my signature service. Unlike my signature coaching programs, this focuses solely on energy healing, which is helping you release trapped emotions that are holding you back mentally and physically. 

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This service includes four healing sessions: 

  • One chakra balancing session: During this session we uncover and release emotional energy from all seven chakra's that maybe causing the chakra's to become unbalanced. An unbalance chakra may contribute to emotional imbalance and may show up as depression, anger, and anxiety. 

  • One Heart-wall session: During this session we uncover and remove heart-walls. Heart-walls are walls that you subconsciously build around your heart to protect it after a traumatic, stressful, or life changing event. Heart-walls prevent you from the ability to receive and give love freely. They also interfere with your ability to feel good emotions and could contribute to isolation, depression, and success. 

  • ​ Two energy healing sessions: During this session we uncover and release trapped emotions. Trapped emotions are the energy of an unprocessed emotion from a stressful or traumatic event lodged in the body causing emotional or physical discomfort. 

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"Since My sessions with Life Coach Tandy I feel good in my skin. I highly recommend."

-​Kelly C., Author 

 Signature Coaching Programs

Redesign Your Life

A  20-week coaching program where I work 1-on-1 with you on your goals and help you transform your life

Date Thyself

A 9-week energy healing program where I work with you to unblock whatever is keeping you from forming healthy relationships 

Relate & Restore

A 9-week couples energy healing program where we work to restore troubled relationships. 


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